Desserts Now Available

Jelly & Mousse

4 dishes have joined out party plate menu, 2 of which are our very first dessert menu!
Try the new "Soy Milk Mousse on Matcha (Green Tea) Jelly" and "Soy Milk Mousse on Coffee Jelly!"
Jelly and mousse are usually made with gelatin. Gelatin is made from animal bones and skin, which makes it generally impermissible for both muslims and vegetarians. So our mousse and jelly are made with agar instead.
Agar is made from plants are a little firmer than gelatin.
For sweetness, we use unrefined natural cane sugar and agave syrup. White sugar free!
It also contains no egg or dairy - great for vegetarian (vegan) party, and of course for muslims.
Add these cute desserts to your party plates or bentos!

Also new to the menu are the popular bento item "Japanese Omelette" and the muslims' favorite "Dates."
Make sure to try them out!
For more information about our menu, see the Ordering Website.