Easy Order with Party Combinations - Now Available

party plans

Hello! It's suddenly got so cold!

The season is coming - the season of parties! Christmas, year-end, and new year parties! So, Samurai Kitchen has come up with Party Plans, special combinations from our catering party plates.

Until now, we were letting our customers choose individual plates. But we were getting inquiries like "can you deliver a set of plates for 3,000 yen per person?" Yea, of course it's easier to just pick a full combination of dishes! That's why we've come up with 6 combinations with full lineups of appetizers, main dishes and desserts. (Individual plates are still available.)

We have 3 kinds by price - Casual, Standard and Special plans. For each type, we have Halal version and Vegan version. Of course, the vegan plans are halal as well.

  • Casual: light meals great for receptions and stand-up parties. Most of the dishes are separated by portion and easy to pick up by hand.
  • Standard: safest combinations to go to. Comes with 10 dishes.
  • Special: great for parties with good, satisfying meals. Comes with a variety of appetizers and main dishes.

We make sure that our vegan menu can satisfy the meat eaters as well. You can order vegan plans for everyone so that they can eat whatever they want without worrying about the food. Parties have to be enjoyable for everybody.
You can also order "10 vegan plans for vegetarians, and 20 halal plans for muslims and everyone else," for example.
If you're worried that it might not be enough, you can always add a few individual plates.

Preparing for events is always a lot of work - make your meal delivery orders quick & easy :)

On a side note, we made a few new dishes to create these plans. You can also order them individually!

Tofu Burger Steak with Beans & Nuts

List of new dishes:

  • Shrimp & Baby Corn pintxos
  • Apple & Baby Corn Pintxos (vegan)
  • Smoked Salmon Sour Cream Bruschetta
  • Beats & Apple Jam Bruschetta (vegan)
  • Jellied Vegetables (vegan)
  • French Fries & Shrimp Crackers
  • Soy Meat Cutlet with Ratatouille (vegan)
  • Tofu Burger Steak with Beans & Nuts (vegan)
  • Grilled Skewered Vegetables with Garlic Sauce (vegan)

Learn more about party plans here: https://samurai-kitchen.tokyo/en/partyplan/